Destiny Boasts 3.2 Million Daily Players

In its latest weekly update, Bungie revealed that about 3.2 million players are playing Destiny on a daily basis, with the average player clocking in three-hour sessions.

The developer also mentioned that the game’s online population for the past three weeks is greater than both Halo 3 and Halo: Reach’s online players within the same spans, combined.

“Pioneering something new is never easy,” wrote community manager David Dague. “When we see the raw numbers, it’s easy for us to say that the destination was worth the journey.”

The figures are impressive to say the least, seeing that the game was launched just a month ago. Not to mention that it had to immediately face some flak from the community who blamed the game to be scarce in content and to be promoting grinding to achieve upgrades.

In regards to the Iron Banner multiplayer event, Designer Derek Carroll responded to complains that the mode was unfairly reducing power of higher level characters while buffing low level characters, all in the name of balance.

“The way we pitched Iron Banner did make it sound like a ‘no-holds-barred’ playlist,” Carroll said. “In reality, we delivered what we felt would be a competitive experience for everyone, not just players at the level cap.

The reaction from players seems to be: ‘No, we want it to be bad for lower-level players. That’s the point!’ We’re listening to that feedback, but this first Iron Banner is fairly conservative.”

The Iron Banner event is currently underway and will run until Wednesday.

Source: Bungie