Sunset Overdrive Gameplay Shown in New Walkthrough Videos

We reported recently that Insomniac Games’ whacky third person shooter has gone gold. So what exactly does the game look like now? Here are two new Sunset Overdrive gameplay walkthrough videos to help you with that.

Released by the official Xbox One official YouTube channel, the first video, above, is a little less than six minutes long and leads us through the game with a pretty hot female character while the other one is a little short – over four minutes long.

If there is one thing that Sunset Overdrive has always promised to be, it is chaotic and crazy fun… these videos stand true to that.

Each one of these is totally uncut, and uncommented upon which means that everything you are seeing on your screens is exactly how the game is going to feel when you get it.

If these Sunset Overdrive gameplay walkthroughs really turn up your interest in the title, you might want to preorder the game looking at how lucrative the preorder bonuses are.

Sunset Overdrive is being developed as an Xbox One exclusive title and it is slated for release in North America on October 28 and in European Union on October 31.