Ryse Son of Rome Errors, Crashes, Save Fix, Freezes and Fixes

After not so impressive performance on Xbox One, Crytek decided to bring its Rome based fighting adventure to PC. We all know that Crytek is famous for bringing games with high visual fidelity, and Ryse is no different.

Although the game looks great graphically, it’s very resource hungry, and if you don’t have a top-notch PC, performance can be an issue for you. Furthermore, there are some issues like bugs, errors and crashes that have been a problem for some players.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, follow the given workarounds and fixes to resolve them.

#1 Ryse: Son of Rome Save Fix
A lot of users have reported that their game saves aren’t working as they are supposed to be, and they are losing their progress after the game is restarted. First thing you need to do is make sure you have the latest version of the game running especially with Update 1 installed.

If you haven’t received the update already, quit Steam and restart so that the update can be downloaded. If it still doesn’t work, try disabling the steam cloud sync so that the game is just saved locally on your PC.

#2 Ryse: Sone of Rome Freezing Cutscene in York
It was a known issue at the developer’s end, and they have released a hot fix for it already. All you need to do is quit Steam and restart to make it work.

#3 Ryse: Son of Rome Crashes with 0xc000007b Error
Usually, if you reinstall .Net framework, the problem will go away. Don’t just try updating it, a fresh install will do the trick. Make sure that you reboot your PC after installation.

#4 Ryse: Son of Rome – How to Skip Cutscenes
I am not sure that most people will want to do that as I think that Ryse’s story can be crucial for a complete experience. Anyways, if you are not into cutscenes anyway, you can skip them by doing small adjustment.

Go to Steam\steamapps\common\Ryse Son of Rome\GameRyse folder and rename all Videos-partx.pak into something else. Just make a backup first if something goes wrong just in case.

#5 Ryse: Son of Rome Capped FPS Issue
In the settings’ menu, there is an option to uncap FPS so if they are locked for you by default, just go to the setting and unlock them.

#6 Ryse: Son of Rome has Stopped Working (Crashes)
If you are confident that your PC is good enough to run the game, make sure that you are not running any applications in the background that could interfere with the normal working of the game. For instance, some users have reported that disabling Shadowplay has resolved the issue for them.

Furthermore, make sure that you are running the latest version of drivers, and you can also try re-installing .Net framework.

#7 Ryse: Son of Rome d3dcompiler_43.dll is missing Error Crash
If you are getting this crash, then there are chances that your DirectX is not working properly. You need to uninstall it and do a fresh install. Restart your PC and you will be good to go.