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Some Driveclub Features Taken Offline To Fix Server Issues

After getting delayed for almost a year, Driveclub launched for PlayStation 4 just a few days ago, but the launch didn’t go as smoothly as developers had hoped. This is because players encountered numerous server issues that prevented them to go online.

In response, Evolution Studios stated that they are working very hard to fix this issue and get everyone online as soon as possible. They have also released a new update which will fix servers for some players.

However, to completely fix this issue, developers had to take down multiple features of the game, which will come back online very soon.

Some functions are temporarily unavailable including challenges and social updates, but for those of you that can connect, you will still be able to participate in clubs, leaderboards and online multiplayer races.

Developers assured the players that they are working non-stop to fix the problems and they will find the best possible solution for the players.

Thanks for bearing with us and sending us your supportive comments, Believe us, we know how frustrating this is for you and we are working non-stop to find the best solution to get you all connected and racing together online.

Finally, Evolution stated that this issue is temporary and to reduce the traffic and load on the servers, a new update will be released pretty soon.

The issues are definitely annoying when you have had to wait this long to play a game. Here’s hoping that we get to play DriveClub online sooner rather than later.

Are you experiencing any issues in Driveclub?

Source: Facebook