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Destiny’s Iron Banner Event “Likely” To Get Changes, Voice Chat Updates Also Inbound

Players of Destiny are currently enjoying the new Iron Banner Event which is going to last for one week; however, there are some players who are confused about the rules of this newly added event.

Iron Banner is a very difficult event, which is why the players of higher levels were hoping that they would be the ones to get the entire spotlight, but it is not the case as some low level players are performing comparably well.

Developers in their weekly update addressed the players who are arguing that low level players should be kept out of this event altogether:

We didn’t want players to have to complete the Vault of Glass in order to compete. In reality, we delivered what we felt would be a competitive experience for everyone, not just players at the level cap.

Power certainly matters, but so does skill. Our solution to add power back into the mix and keep the Crucible from turning into a ghost town is to scale it down to a reasonable level, and clamp damage on the ‘overkill’ end.

They continued by adding that the skill is more important to be victorious in the battlefield, high level gear on the other hand isn’t essential and players shouldn’t rely on it either.

Despite that, Bungie has promised to bring changes to the event based on the feedback that they have received.

Lord Saladin will very likely play by different rules the next time we clear a landing zone for him in the Tower.

Furthermore, it has been teased that new updates on voice chat will be making its way to Destiny pretty soon.

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Source: Bungie