WildStar: Patch Notes for Next Update Detailed

In the latest “State of the Game” post about WildStar, the developers have revealed more information about the next content update.

Posting on the official game forums earlier today, Carbine Studios talked about upcoming new features and improvements, as well as various bug fixes and balances.

The next content update will introduce two new chapters – Mystery of the Genesis Prime and Journey to OMNIcore-1. There will be a new zone for level 50 players to explore. Furthermore players will finally discover “the secrets of Drusera, The Entity, the Eldan and how they’re all related to Planet Nexus.”

Improvements being made in the next update is largely based on feedback provided by the community. ELO matching is being adjusted by decreasing the amount of rating lost after a defeat. The rune system is being updated to add the ability to unlock and re-roll slots.

Housing will get new features where owners can not only remodel their homes but also the music that plays on their housing plots. Dye costs are being reduced, activities at lower levels will reward you with more gold, and you can now skip the tutorial.

In addition to the above, Carbine is improving combat for all classes. This update is largely a balance to tone down those deemed too powerful and buffing those who are in need of one. The update will also add more client optimization tweaks which will increase performance on all systems.

The UI is being cleaned up to make it more friendlier to newcomers and clutter-free. Various bugs reported in by players will be squashed, including those from boss fights.

The patch notes are insanely detailed and to read about everything it’s best if you head over to the official page.

Note that these patch notes are not final and may vary upon release.