Someone has Discovered The Dark Below DLC Area in Destiny

It looks like there are more than one hidden locations in Destiny that are not part of the playable game right now. Talk about packing DLC content in the game when you ship it for physical release and how much some of us hate paying extra for content that is already on the disc.

Anyhow, some of the fans have unearthed a new location which is apparently going to be a part of Destiny The Dark Below DLC.

In the video above, YouTuber Se7ensins has walked us through the process of reaching the hidden location. While some of the previous hidden content was found in Venus, this one has been found on Mars, and the only way to reach it is via glitch.

You might be wondering what is the reason why this is surely a part of the upcoming Destiny The Dark Below DLC, well actually because the place is complete but lacks any life – friends and foes. Also, the said DLC is supposed to go live in December so there can’t really be any other explanation to it.

We had also reported last month about certain screenshots that had surfaced online, apparently leaking a location in Destiny. The location was expected to become a part of the game after a future DLC.

Do you think both of these locations could be parts of Destiny The Dark Below DLC?