Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Preorders Reach 811k in Japan

It is a known fact that every Monster Hunter game is supposed to do great when it releases in Japan. Those guys are crazy about this kind of stuff. The situation with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is similar as well, and even before the release Capcom has managed to secure more than 800,000 preorders!

The figures have flown in from the sales tracker Japanese website Media Create that has been keeping tabs on all the major released and upcoming videogames in the region. According to them a total of 811,000 units of the game have been preordered by enthusiasts in Japan alone.

Their report goes on to say that this figure is expected to go up to as much as 900,000 units in the release week of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

While this figure is only slightly short of the one million mark, it is still behind what the sales achieved by the original Monster Hunter 4 which was released in Japan a year ago on September 14. MH4 had garnered a total of 1.177 million preorders. This is a record number of preorders by a Monster Hunter title!

Talking of records, the overall highest preordered game in the Japanese region is Pokemon X & Y with 1.26 million orders – still a close competition with the original MH4 game.

Apart from being a famous franchise in the region, another reason for the preorders being this big is that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is being released side by side with the New Nintendo 3DS.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is slated for a release as a Nintendo 3DS exclusive in Japan on October 11, the game is going to come out in North America and European Union in early 2015.