What is Microsoft’s “Xbox Super Secret 2015”?

Microsoft is apparently working on something super secret for 2015. According to a data leak from the chat app slack, Microsoft is working on something called “Xbox Super Secret 2015.”

The leak happened due to a bug in the sign up process of this popular app. The sign up process of slack shows popular rooms in a certain company before a user is completely verified. To do this one must enter a dummy account, see what unique accounts are being set up by teams and leave the process before entering the password.

The software giant Microsoft is among those affected by this bug due to which some chat groups are exposed. If you look at it, you will see some known names such as DX, One Note, Azure, One Drive and the group we as gamers are most intrigued by, Xbox Super Secret 2015.

Right now we don’t know what this means it could be something regarding the backward compatibility or the cloud, it’s all speculation until we hear more about it.

The bug affecting the app is now fixed so it seems we will have to wait for Microsoft to shed some light on the matter.

What is your take on it? What could it be? Let us know of your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!