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Mario Kart 8 Mercedes Benz DLC has Reached 1 Million Downloads!

Having been released only a month and a half ago, the Mario Kart 8 Mercedes Benz DLC has already risen to a huge success.

In fact, the latest figures that have rolled in regarding its sales suggest that the downloadable content has crossed the 1 million mark!

The news was confirmed by the Twitter profile of Nintendo where they confirmed that the worldwide downloads had achieved the feat.

In the recent days, a lot of downloadable content packs have been released by the developers especially the ones that brought in six new characters, eight new vehicles and 16 new tracks.

If you are still struggling with beating the game, you must try out some of the guides we have prepared for you. For instance, the balloon battle tips and strategy guide or this beginners guide that helps you with tips and tricks.

The Mario Kart 8 Mercedes Benz DLC was released on August 27 which means it has been out in the market for only six weeks. Since mathematics is something I have been surprisingly good at in school, this means that every day the DLC has been bought by around 23,800 players of the game!

As far as the game itself is concerned, it was released a Wii U exclusive in the last week of May in Japan, North America, European Union and Australia.

Sounds like a dumb question seeing how much Mario Kart is popular, but have you tried it? Share your opinions below.