Final Fantasy XIV: Patch 2.4 Promises More Exciting Content and Battle Against Shiva

The past week has seen to Square Enix update the official site with more information for the upcoming 2.4 patch for Final Fantasy XIV.

As it is with each new patch, 2.4 will bring forth more story content. According to the preview on the website, players will work with the Crystal Braves again and in the process unlock new secrets about the conflict that’s brewing deep within Ishgard.

Additionally, players will be facing off against Ultros in the continuing storyline of Gentleman Inspector Hildibrand.

Square Enix has also posted a preview of the upcoming battle against Shiva, the Lady of Frost. It promises to be a testing event.

Previously, the developer revealed a new class “Rogue” that is a fighter and is armed with dual-wielded daggers. In the storyline they tend to keep peace while staying outside the law. Rogues work towards recapturing illegal goods and distributing the wealth amongst the poor.

A new job “Ninja” was also revealed, information of which is currently scarce. Square Enix likes to mention that “if the user can master the art, it will give the user power to turn the tides of war.”

Patch 2.4 will also bring three new dungeons – The Freezing Walls of Snow Cloak, The Ruins of Qarn, and The Eroded Stronghold of Satasha.