Final Fantasy XIII PC Version Is Locked at 720p by Default

Final Fantasy XIII PC version launched yesterday and it has been reported that the game is locked at 720p resolution, which might not sit well with a lot of gamers on the platform.

This new locked resolution was brought to attention by a Reddit user who goes by the name of “allworknoplaytoday.”

However, it is not all bad news for the PC players as it has also been brought to light that Final Fantasy XIII will be locked at 60 fps.

Previously, there have been games that were locked at a certain resolutions and fps but it didn’t stop the modders from tinkering with the game and add new options for resolutions and frame rates to the title.

It’s no different with Final Fantasy XIII, as Durante is already working on a fix to the resolution and he has also released the beta version of GeDoSaTo tool that will allow PC players to increase the resolution to even 4K. You can find more information regarding this new tool right here.

Those of you, who don’t care about the game’s locked resolution, can start playing it right now as it is available on Steam at the price of $15.99.

Just make sure that you that have over 60 GB of hard disk space available, because that is what you will need to play Final Fantasy XIII.

Are you bothered by locked resolution and frame rates of the games?