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Early Access Game Space Engineers Free On Steam This Weekend

Steam is having another free weekend for an Early Access title, which seems to happen more and more ever since Epigenesis kicked off the new angle. This time, Space Engineers will be playable for free until Sunday, October 12, 1PM PST.

Amazingly enough, the game by developer Keen Software participates in this complementary event, because Space Engineers has been on Early Access for a full year now. Time sure does fly by; we were still under the impression that Steam’s in-development store was pretty new.

Anyway, Space Engineers is one of those voxel-based sandbox pitches, set in space. You can build entire base camps on the rocks of the universe and mine out resources to produce new objects.

Additionally, the game lets players make their own ships, built on a grid, which react to the factors of physics, such as velocity and inertia. Characters will also be in charge of building the necessary infrastructure to operate a base, such as connecting utilities.

Aside from building and mining, Space Engineers also has a tactical shooter element, viewable in first person or third person. Multiplayer supports up to 16 players.

It’s possible to save blueprints of your creations, so you can easily copy and paste them back into the game. Moreover, integration of Steam Workshop allows for content to be shared with the community, which is already up to the hundreds of thousands.

Along with the free weekend, Space Engineers will also go on sale until Monday. You can grab it at a 40% discount for €11.39, instead of the usual €18.99.