Driveclub Pre-Order Cars Problem is a Known Issue, Fix Coming Soon

Driveclub has been released all over the world as of today, but there are some players in different regions who are unable to download the pre-order cars.

After receiving a lot of complaints from the game’s owners all around the world, Game Director, Paul Rustchynsky wrote on twitter that the studio is well aware of this issue and is trying to fix it as soon as possible.

The problem is definitely annoying for the players, but it is good to see developer taking notice of the issue right after it has been brought to attention.

However, it is still uncertain how long it is going to take for Evolution Studios to fix this issue, so that the players who pre-ordered the game can get their hands on the promised cars.

Driveclub release has been met with somewhat mixed reviews; some critics are appreciating it for its online challenge system, handling and beginner friendly features, while some are criticizing it due its dull single player.

Until a fix for this issue is released by the developers, you will have to stick with the cars available in the game.

Are you experiencing the same issue in Driveclub?