All Diablo III Season 1 Achievements Have been Unlocked by Some Players

It has only been a little over a month since the Diablo III Season 1 was launched and people started playing it, but some of the fans have devoted so much energy and time to it that they have already managed to unlock all the achievements that the Season 1 had to offer.

According to a report by Kotaku, at least two players have pulled off the feat that has earned them a total of 7880 points each.

However, this has not been a walk in the park which is evident from the fact that only one player from United States section of was able to do it and only one could manage to unlock all the achievements in the European Union.

The player who has pulled off all the 7880 points in the United States goes by the name of Mikeh. He is currently on Paragon level 515 and is a Demon Hunter. The other player, the one from European Union is also a Demon Hunter who plays on Hardcore and is called Bunkka.

Just to give you an idea of what exactly these two have achieved; know this that among the achievements list there are eats like killing 5000,000 monsters in Nephalem Rifts. Then, there are some relating to level 60 crafting jobs which really sound impossible. Not to forget the achievement that unlocks after you have completed 10,000 bounties.

So far we don’t know when the Season 2 will kick off but hey, it has only been a couple of weeks since Diablo III Season 1 was launched really – these guys are just super quick.