Unity Engine Rumored to be Up for Sale, Google Could be a Buyer

Okay this came as a little bit of a shocker; a new report states that the popular development platform, Unity Engine is apparently up for sale and is already attracting potential buyers.

Published by CNET, a presentation highlighting the value and prospects of Unity Engine is rumored to be sent to many companies, including Google.

Some sources have claimed that Unity owners have already had detailed talks with at least one interested party but it’s unknown as to which party it is.

Unity is a popular choice for indie developers who can develop cross-platform titles with relative ease for PC and mobile devices. Currently the platform has over three million registered users, ranging from industry professionals to students who are just satisfying their curiosity.

A notable example of the power of Unity would be the recent Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft card game from Blizzard which is available on PC and iPad devices. It’s said to be arriving to Android devices soon. The game has been a smashing success for its ease of play across mobile devices.

The news of Unity Engine up for sale has still not been officially confirmed by the owners, which means that we should still take it with a grain of salt.