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Understanding Super Smash Bros Equipment and How it Benefits Your Character

Equipment in Smash Bros. adds an extra bit of depth and variation to the game, but it also tends to tip the balance in favor of those spend time farming equipment.

Of course, showing off your hard-earned items on the battle is fun, but when playing in tournaments this can lead to unbalanced fights.

While the application of equipment in tournaments is questionable, it is without doubt that these items certainly add to the charm and fun of Smash Bros in every other mode of the game.

Equipment in Smash Bros. is somewhat different as it follows a specific set of rules and methodology. Here’s a breakdown of how equipment work in the game.

Equipment Type
Equipment in Smash Bros comes in different shapes and forms, and utilize an in-game RNG (Random Number Generator) to determine the stats of the equipment. Because of this, there is a near endless possibility of what kind of stats you can role with a specific type of equipment.

A character can equip up to 3 pieces of equipment: equipment that increases Attack (but lowers defense), equipment that increases Defense (but lowers speed), and equipment that increases Speed (but lowers attack).

When a character has these three equipment equipped, your stats will be arithmetically adjusted. Equip can also give additional effects to your player that are not necessarily played out in stats.

During Smash Runs, certain equipment can affect the amount of items you can hold. However, in Classic and Versus Mode such restrictions are not present.

Equipment Effect
Each item can have a unique effect. There are tons of effects in the game – some of them include auto-healing, increasing/decreasing jump distance or leap. There are more than 80 effects that can be utilized from equipment in Smash Bros.

Drop System
The drop system for equipment is largely RNG based, and is tiered into different prefixes. Whenever you collect a custom piece, you have a chance to receive a piece of equipment, custom move, hat, or costume. This is primarily the method of obtaining equipment in Smash Bros.

For Classic Mode, the amount you receive depends on the slot you manage to get before the start of a round, with higher difficulties giving larger amounts of custom pieces.

In Smash Runs, equipment can be acquired through chests and random enemy drops, similar to conventional RNG farming seen in most other games.

Stats Roll
The Stats rolled on the equipment are randomized through RNG and can vary greatly, both in their boosts and counter-debuffs. In addition, effects are also highly randomized.

There is however a tier-based categorization of equipment that would suggest the “level” of that equipment. For example, it is highly likely that an “Angelic” tiered equipment will have much superior stats as compared to a “Standard” one.