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Super Smash Bros – How to Unlock Custom Moves Fast

If you’re looking for some extra firepower in Smash Bros. that comes from raw ability instead of equipment, you’ll want to get your hands on some awesome Custom Moves.

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How to Unlock Custom Moves Fast

Super Smash Bros allows you to customize a character’s specialize move in a specific way. This makes Custom Moves a new and exciting drop worth farming.

The problem is that there are around 376 different Custom Moves, and drops tend to be more or less random.

It can make it difficult for you to acquire all the custom moves for your character, especially if you play in a more traditional way. However, there’s a neat trick to help you around that problem, which can make it relatively quick to unlock Custom Moves. Read on to find out how.

Home Button Trick
There is a trick to choose your desired icon during the roulette in classic mode. This is an important part of the strategy to earn custom moves as quickly as possible. The trick makes it very easy to land the desired red wrench icon every time with ease.

For this trick, you’ll need to press the Home Button to pause the game while the roulette roles.

If the wrench icon is just above the icon that is selected while you paused the game, press and hold A and then Resume, and the wrench should role down and get selected.

If the icon selected is the wrench itself or if the wrench isn’t above the one that is selected, do not press A and resume, then repeat the step until the wrench icon is above so you can land it.

Note that if you let the roulette role for too long, it will eventually come to a stop automatically, so make sure you are efficient and quick.

It might sound complicated, but it is actually a very simple trick and quite easy to get used to; soon enough you’ll be landing your desired icon almost every time.

Classic Mode Steps to Collect Custom Moves
Now that you’ve learned the Home Button trick, it’s time to go to Classic mode and choose the character whose moves you wish to acquire.

It is important that you choose that character and not any other, as when custom moves come up it is more common to acquire the ones for the character you are playing.

Turn on Customs, and equip anything and everything that increases your attack power. Along the way you will unlock even more powerful equipment, and you should be upgrading every time you get something that can increase your attack power.

Once you have your required equipment set up, select the highest possible intensity you can handle, and use the Home Button trick before every stage to make sure you acquire the red wrench. Now it’s time to go in and win the stage; if you have enough attack power, this should be an easy process.

As you progress you are likely to unlock more powerful equipment and increase your AP, and you should increase the difficulty whenever you feel you can, as this will pace things better.

A lot of the drops during this time will be moves. However, not all of them will be what you want – you’ll acquire equipment as well and many of the drops will be repeats.

This is pretty much it, and you have to rinse and repeat. This entire process will take around 10 minutes or so, and you can acquire 10-15+ drops, of which some of them will be Custom Moves.

With a bit of patience and constant grinding you should be able to unlock all the ones for your desired character sooner rather than later.

Challenge Specific Custom Moves
Some Custom Moves are solely restricted to achievements and challenges. These are:

  • Captain Falcon – Lightning Falcon Kick: Land a 10 hit combo in Training Mode
  • Diddy Kong – Pop Gun Explosion: Clear 3,000 blocks in Trophy Rush
  • Ike – Muscle Bomb: Clear 1,000 blocks in Trophy Rush
  • Link – Giant Bomb: Clear 300 blocks in Trophy Rush
  • Mario – Explosion Punch: Score 200,000 in Target Blast
  • Marth – Easy Combination: Complete 100 Man Battle in less than 3 minutes
  • Meta Knight – Speed Drill: Win 5 matches as Meta Knight
  • Villager – Lloid Climb: Fight a match on Tortimer Island
  • Wii Fit Trainer – Big Ball: Land a 10 hit combo in Training Mode