Sunset Overdrive has Gone Gold, and What a Way to Find Out!

We have had our eyes on Sunset Overdrive ever since it was revealed at E3 last year. I don’t know about you but my primary reason for the attention was how the developers have their own crazy way of doing things.

They have maintained the same and announced the game has gone gold in an equally crazy way. if you check out the short video above you will see host Brandon Winfrey trying to tell you that he is going to be a father (what?), when all of a sudden he gets eaten by a monster from the game.

Our monster then takes over and announces:

Good morrow to thee! Be it known that Sunset Overdrive hath gone gold! I eagerly await your enthusiastic deliverance come October’s end!

The last we heard of the Sunset Overdrive was yesterday when it was revealed by the developers that a livestream will be held on October 11 to show of the first complete hour of gameplay for the game.

Other than that, if you are interested in the game, you might also want to check out the leaked achievements list – of course if you are okay with spoilers.

Sunset Overdrive is slated for a release exclusively to Xbox One on October 28 in North America and in the European Union on October 31.