Phil Spencer Would Like to Bring Dead Franchises Back on Xbox One

There have been franchises that made their way to the Microsoft’s Xbox console but a lot of them are almost dead as we haven’t heard their names in a long time. However, it seems that a couple of those dead franchises might come back to life on Xbox One.

During an interview with The Inner Circle podcast, Phil Spencer was asked which among the following franchises would he like to bring to Microsoft’s new gen machine? Halo Wars, Alan Wake, Mech Assault, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Blinx the Time Sweeper, Fusion Frenzy, Banjo Kazooie, Kameo, High Heat Baseball, Otogi, Knights of The Old Republic and Shenmue.

To which he responded:

There are a couple games on that list that we’re doing some work on. I’ll just say that. People should know that we listen to feedback, we have ideas, and there are franchises in the past we think would be great to come again.

Spencer continued on to say that MechAssault is not in development at the moment and he is not involved in titles like Shenmue and KOTOR, so the titles that are being worked on at Microsoft belong to the rest of the list.

Furthermore, he stated that he would love to bring a baseball game on Xbox One as there isn’t any available at the moment.

Finally, he said that the games that are coming for the Xbox One players in next couple of years are “crazy.” All of them are big games and development on them, have been started two or three years in advance.

Spencer realizes that the key to success is exclusive first party content and he will make sure that the Xbox One owners will keep on getting it.

Which of the aforementioned franchises would you like to see on Xbox One? Let us know!