NBA 2K15 Face Disappearing Issue Now Fixed, Servers Still Need Fixing

NBA 2K15 was released just a couple of days ago and a lot of players were encountering the issue where the face of MyPlayer was disappearing. However, in a new tweet 2K has assured the fans that this issue has been fixed and will not bother you anymore.

It is good to see developers hopping on to the problem straight away and fixing the big problem as it would have ruined the experience for a lot of players.

However, the server issues are still there in NBA 2K15 for MyCareer, MyPark and MyPlayer store. 2K tweeted that they are investigating these problems right now and will fix it soon.

The server problems can be very annoying for the players, especially for MyCareer and MyGM where they are not needed at all as both of them are offline experiences.

NBA 2K15 is now available worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Are you experiencing any issues in NBA 2K15?