Minecraft Based Lego Toys’ Latest Batch Got Leaked Accidentally

Russian Minecraft LEGO distributor that goes by the name of Mir Kubikov, has accidentally leaked the newest batch of Minecraft based LEGO toys on their official website.

Newly revealed batch was not supposed to see the light of day until next month and at the point of writing, there isn’t any other store that is displaying the new toys.

The batch of new toys include Dragon End, Workbench, a Mine, First Night, a Cave and a Farm. You can check each of them out in the gallery below.

LEGO toys are famous all over the world and the popularity of Minecraft video game is constantly on the rise as the game is now available on almost every single gaming platform.

There is a huge demand for these toys and I am sure that a lot of people will be looking forward to get their hands on this latest batch. However, despite this early leak of the toys, you will still have to wait until next month to purchase them when they finally become available.

What do you think of these newly revealed Lego toys based on one of the most popular video games Minecraft? Share your opinion with us in the comments section below!