Minecraft 1.8.1 Coming ‘Soonish,’ Paused Snapshots are Normal

If you are a regular Minecraft player then you would know that they are really working hard on new updates to take the game up another notch.

Couple of hours ago, Nathan Adams of Mojang took to his official Twitter profile to share some information regarding the game’s upcoming updates and the issue of the snapshots feature being stopped.

First off, he revealed that they were hard at work on the Minecraft 1.8.1 and that the estimated time of arrival was going to be ‘soonish.’ This update is going to deal with a lot of optimization issues and bugs that require fixes in the game.

As far as the new stuff is concerned, that is going to be brought in by the update 1.9 which, he said, will arrive ‘not so soonish.’

Other than the Minecraft 1.8.1, the community had been filled with rumors regarding the Snapshots being stopped for multiple reasons. Adams said that he would like to quell some rumors regarding that.

He said that there was nothing going on and it was normal for the developers to pause snapshots whenever they make a major release. However, the wording he chose was that they had put them on pause for ‘a few months.’ I don’t think people would like waiting for months.

We don’t know when exactly the Minecraft 1.8.1 will come out but looking at how they are already talking about 1.9, I think it won’t be too long.

Are you okay with the fact that the update with new ‘stuff and things’ is going to come out quite late as compared to this one?