Microsoft Researching Room-filling VR with Kinect and Projectors

All the big names are looking at innovating the way we play games, we have Oculus Rift and we have Project Morpheus, but Microsoft has kept its quiet mostly.

However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t looking at new ways of playing games. Take a look at RoomAlive for example.

RoomAlive is a research being done by the Microsoft Research team who wish to bring games too your rooms with technology that could fill up the room i.e. floors and walls with imagery that you could interact with.

What they are doing so far involves multiple Kinect devices paired with multiple projectors that would give a 3D model of the objects. For this project they are using the Unity game engine.

The researchers have even prepared a demo game where players shoot critters on the walls, then there is another in which you are supposed to dodge virtual spikes that come up on the walls, the room turns red if you are hit.

If this caught your interest, you should also try out the Dyadic Mano-a-Mano project and the Handpose.

However, do remember that Microsoft Research’s works are not really close knitted with their future consumer based policies which means that we might and might not see this happening.

That being said, what do you think of the idea, it would be cool to move away from TV screens to the full room gaming experience wouldn’t it?