GTA Online’s Victory Fist Crate Drops Event Extended Until Monday

Last weekend’s Victory Fist Crate Drops has been extended until Monday for GTA Online.

Rockstar Games made this announcement via its twitter account:

The crate drops are in huge demand as they bring a lot of extra cash, RP and the limited edition of victory fist T-shirts which have been displayed in the tweet above.

Players of GTA Online will certainly appreciate it, as they have got four more days to get the stuff that is being brought in with these crates.

Rockstar also noted that these drops will become more common during your gameplay, which means more cash, RP and T-Shirts for the players.

GTA Online community has been enjoying a lot of free updates from Rockstar but the promised Heists are still missing. However, developers have promised that they are working on to bring them into the game as soon as possible.

Until the arrival of Heists, you can enjoy the free content that the developers are releasing for the game on regular basis. Hopefully, heists will become part of the game soon.