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‘I am Going to Re-prove Myself’ with BlueStreak, Says Cliff Bleszinski

BlueStreak, the upcoming sci-fi shooter by Cliff Bleszinski was first heard of months ago and we really don’t have much to go on with it. However, the veteran designer is saying things that would make you want to look out for it.

Even after having around 20 years of experience in the industry with games like Gears of War, Bleszinski believes that a developer is only as good as his last game and that he doesn’t think one can simply feed off of what they have done in the past:

I’m not resting on my 20 years of experience laurels. I’m going to re-prove myself. The world moves fast. Today’s YouTube celebrity is tomorrow’s has-been. That’s the world we live in. It doesn’t matter if in technology you have 20 years of experience – it only matters if you look forward.

Moreover, he said that he was well past the old tactics of keeping things secret until release. He says he would like to be transparent and ‘get user buy-in as soon as possible.’ We might also be looking at different experimentations as Bleszinski says he is not going to be limited into a specific criteria created by an existing IP’s persona.

Oh and as far as the future reveals regarding BlueStreak are concerned, developer Boss Key Productions might go with weekly podcasts sometime down the line.

In the past, we have reported on a few images that were shared by the developers for BlueStreak back in July when the game really made it to the news for the first time.

Are you looking forward to what Boss Key Productions is churning up for you?