Evolve’s Alpha Beginning at the End of This Month, Sign Up Now!

Turtle Rock Studios has revealed that its upcoming shooter Evolve is going to allow players to test the game’s alpha at the end of this month.

Xbox One owners will be the first ones to play the game as they will be able to get their hands on Alpha from 30th October to 2nd November.

PlayStation 4 and PC owners will have one less day to try out Evolve, as they will get to play the game on 31st of October while the ending date of 2nd November will stay the same.

The announcement of Alpha testing was accompanied by a new trailer, which showcases the game’s 4v1 gameplay in all its glory. Check it out above.

Five players are needed to play Evolve, where four of them will become a team as they will try to take on the mighty monster controlled by the fifth player.

The game will not make it easy for either party as both of them will have to be on their toes all the time if they want win the match.

It is going to be a closed alpha, so you will need to get yourself registered and hope that you will get selected by the developers. To participate, just fill up this form at 2K Games’ official website.

If you need the code as well, then try out the following:

Code: 08347-97365-66457

Referral Code: EVOLVETOWIN

Are you looking forward to try out the Alpha of Evolve? Let us know!