Dragon Quest II Now Also On Mobile

Now that publisher Square Enix has opened the gates towards bringing back its franchises, Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line is already a thing. It’s possible to get the game’s mobile port now on iOS and Android.

As with the original’s re-launch not too long ago, Dragon Quest II was first released as Dragon Warrior II, following copyright issues with pen-and-paper roleplaying games. Since then, Dragon Quest has become a hallmark name, making it more available to come back without any fear for brand confusion.

Also once more, the game will be envisioned by Akira Toriyama, who is known for Dragon Ball, as seen in the specific art style of the game that’s in line with the manga and TV series.

Dragon Quest II is part of the Erdrick Saga Trilogy, which takes places across the first three titles. It’s also the first in its series to feature more than one hero.

Instead of one-on-one combat, this iteration gradually forms a party of multiple people for battles. This was also not an overused convention back in the day, like it is now.

Additionally, Dragon Quest II provides a lot of open world freedom. There’s a ship that allows players to land nearly everywhere to continue wherever they see fit.

You’ll need about 45MB of space to download Dragon Quest II on your mobile device of choice, which is certainly doable. Android users can start playing starting at version 2.3.3, which should please some older phone users.

Visuals are laid out in a vertical view and facilitated one-hand gameplay.

Its price range is another point where Square Enix is learning for the better. Dragon Quest costs a respectable €4.49 or $4.99.