Don’t Buy Battlefield Hardline at Launch, Advises Ex-Dice Developer

After the disappointing launch of Battlefield 4, EA and Dice have surely lost consumer trust due to which some are skeptical about Battlefield Hardline. The game was said to release this year but was delayed after fan feedback.

Now, ex-battlefield designer Tim Kjell who is currently an eSports coach held an ask me anything session on reddit and according to him, it is not advisable to buy Battlefield Hardline at launch and it’s best not to waste your hard earned money on promises that are yet to prove themselves.

“It’s just not good to throw away money at something that is yet to prove that it could keep up the promises. If the game, Battlefield Hardline is really stable at launch and running great as promised, then you can just go to buy it with the satisfaction that a great game awaits you. Instead, pre-ordering it or getting duped by false promises isn’t something that you or I would want. I would definitely wait for the reviews before I purchase it”

It’s not a bad advice though, why would people want to raise their expectation, spend money only to experience Battlefield 4 like situation all over again.

These are the side effects of rushing an unfinished game to the market. The buggy release of Battlefield 4 has not only affected the game itself but has also affected consumer trust and with that the release of Battlefield Hardline.

Do you agree with Tim? Is Hardline a day one purchase for you or will you be taking Tim’s advice and wait for reviews? Share your opinions with us in the comments below!