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Candy Crush Company King Is The Master Of TV Ads

Unsurprisingly, Candy Crush Saga company King has run more advertisements on TV than any of its competitors. In a recent article on Venturebeat, figures of 34,000 airings of 11 different commercials are posted.

This trumps big fish like Sony and Microsoft, which are good for about 3000 and 7500 ads respectively, by some margin. Activision, which you may have spotted, running Destiny ads here and there, has also put up about 3000 spots.

Previously, King was mostly marketing through mobile directly. Since the average cost-per-install rates have gone up dramatically during the last years, the company has been branching out into other paths to reach an audience.

King is finding this new plan more effective than thought at first. Chief Financial Officer, Hope Cochran, commented:

People sit on their couch, and they’ve got their iPad or they’ve got their device; they watch the commercial and they do downloads. So it’s more impactful than we had originally anticipated, as well as you’re just reaching a different group than those who are just playing our games through the cross-promo.

Remarkably, however, King has been able to spend less than Microsoft when it comes to ad costs. This is primarily due to selected targeting.

While the big blockbuster companies have been opting for expensive primetime slots, King has been running its ads during smaller cable shows, allowing for a lot more quantity.

In total, King has put in $55 million in TV commercials. Sony has used $47 million and Microsoft ran ads for a budget of $66 million.