Reworked Sion Hits League of Legends Tomorrow

Sion, the Undead Juggernaut is the latest in a long line of League of Legends champions to be completely reworked by Riot Games.

In addition to a much different looking classic skin, Sion has a brand new kit of abilities at his disposal as well. Most seem stronger than before so veteran Sion players should welcome this change.

One of the most prominent changes to the new Sion is his passive, Glory in Death, which allows him to temporarily revive himself whenever he dies.

There’s no cooldown on this either which seems pretty crazy. This passive should be especially useful in helping your team capture control points on Dominion.

Sion’s new ultimate ability is called Unstoppable Onslaught and will provide players a good means of escaping danger since he ignores most crowd control effects.

It will also be an incredibly strong initiation ability because if he runs into an enemy champion, he damage and knock up enemies in the area. Just bull rushing your way into a team fight has never been easier.

The newly reworked Sion is set to go live as part of the 4.18 League of Legends patch scheduled for implementation in the game October 9th.

The patch has a few other champion and item tweaks but nothing especially major. The most recently released new champion, Azir, also got several bug fixes and tweaks which should make him a little more consistent in-game now.

For a full list of changes, check out the official 4.18 patch notes.

The tanky, ax-wielding bruiser Sion can currently be purchased from the marketplace for 585 Riot Points or 1,350 Influence Points.