You can Play as Samus Aran in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

The developers of the upcoming title Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, have revealed that their game is going to receive an interesting crossover with Metroid, as the players will be able to play as Samus Aran.

Accompanying this announcement is a new trailer which you can see above. It shows Samus in all her glory wearing both armored and zero suit as she beats the crap out of every single monster that comes in her way.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is looking to surpass previous titles in terms of monsters included in the game, as it is going to feature a total of 92 monsters with 69 large ones and 23 small ones, keeping you on the edge all the time.

83 of these monsters will be returning from the previous entries, while 9 new monsters will be added to the game and they will be harder to take down as compared to the regular ones.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is going to release in Japan this Saturday on 11th of October, while the western fans of the title will have to wait until the first quarter of 2015 to get their hands on the game.

What do you think of this latest crossover for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate? Would you like to play as Samus? Let us know!