GRID Autosport Gets Oculus Rift Support

A future update that will arrive “very shortly” for GRID Autosport will add support for Oculus Rift, Codemasters has announced.

In a blog post today, the developer revealed that it has been “tinkering with VR for while a now” and believe it’s the right time to bring it to the popular racing game.

Alongside that Codemasters also stated that the VR support is only experimental for now and hence there might be plenty of kinks in the system that may bring forward unwanted results such as game crashes.

However that said, “we’ve decided to allow you to experience it for yourselves” which so far is working pretty well in their controlled environment.

We have tested both the DK1 and DK2, and released support using SDK 0.4.1, which contains the Direct to HMD rendering mode, as well as extended desktop mode. We recommend using the Direct to HMD mode.

The developer has advised to following the following steps to assure a smoother experience:

  • To setup these options properly, after running the game once and closing it, open the following file: C:\Users\[user]\Documents\My Games\GRID Autosport\hardwaresettings\hardware_settings_config.xml
  • Set the resolution line to <resolution width=”1920″ height=”1080″ aspect=”auto” fullscreen=”true” vsync=”0″ multisampling=”4xmsaa”></resolution>
  • There are also some Oculus specific settings you can play with in this file, if you want to experiment: <oculus enabled=”true” headMovement=”true” chromatic=”true” timeWarp=”true” vignette=”true” overdrive=”true” convergence=”1.0″></oculus>

Finally players should only enable VR “going into a race itself” and now run it from the menu system. Also make sure that you start with the Ultra-Low graphics preset and increase the settings once you have confirmed that your system can handle it.

Source: Codemasters