The Flame In The Flood is Another Title by Former Bioshock and Halo Devs

Former Halo and Bioshock developers have joined forces to bring a new survival sim title “The Flame in the Flood” to life.

The developers have united under a new studio called The Molasses Flood and their new title is up on Kickstarter seeking $150,000 worth of funds from the people around the globe.

The Kickstarter page of the game shows the debut trailer (see above), which I will have to say is impressive and it shows multiple locations and some of the survival elements that will be a part of the game.

In The Flame in the Flood, you will be put in the shoes of Scout, who is travelling through a river to several locations in need of resources to survive, along with her faithful dog Aesop.

In addition to resources, she will also be crafting tools, maintaining raft, avoiding enemies, staying out of rain and doing a lot of other stuff.

Furthermore, developers are promising to include a permadeath in the game, but there will be a bit leniency as the items that you gave to your dog, will still be with you when you restart the game.

The Flame in the Flood crowd funding seems to be going really well, as in just one day, the game has managed to raise almost $46,000.

The development team that is working on this game is quite competent and we just hope that this new title will live up to people’s expectations.

What do you think of The Flame in the Flood? Are you looking forward to it?