DriveClub PSN Connectivity is a Known Issue, Will be Fixed Soon

DriveClub was delayed multiple times before finally being released to the North American and European territories yesterday and today, respectively. After so much hassle one must expect the game to run smoothly and without problems; however, that is not the case.

Soon after being launched, DriveClub was met with connectivity issues all over. However, this has been attributed to the PlayStation Network servers, and not the game itself.

The official Facebook page of the game got this message couple of hours ago when the developers announced that the game was now available in North America:

We are aware however that many players are receiving an error message indicating ‘there is a fault with your internet connection’ and we are investigating what appears to be a wider server issue behind this problem. It’s not affecting everybody and the game will keep trying to connect to the server automatically, so you don’t need to do anything with the game (like re-install or restart over and over) to establish connectivity.

Other than this, the game director Paul Rustchynsky gave a statement recently stating that some of the newly released titles were facing issues on PlayStation Network and that the engineers were currently at work to get rid of the problem.

It looks like the load put on the PlayStation Network servers by Destiny combined with NBA 2K15 and DriveClub could be the cause of the issue.

DriveClub is a PlayStation 4 exclusive racing simulator that was released in North America on October 7, in the European Union on October 8 i.e. today and will be released separately in the United Kingdom on October 10.