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Battlefield 4 Premium Edition Releases This Month, Not on 360

The Battlefield 4 Premium Edition bundle has been given an official release date of October 21st in the United States and October 24th in the UK.

The beefed up premium edition includes the full Battlefield 4 single player game, base multiplayer, exclusive personalization options such as new camos, paints, emblems, and dog tags prioritized positions in server queues, 12 bonus Battlefield 4 Gold Battlepacks, and the following five expansion packs:

  • Battlefield 4 Second Assault
  • Battlefield 4 China Rising
  • Battlefield 4 Naval Strike
  • Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth
  • Battlefield 4 Final Stand (coming Fall 2014)

Although these days you can generally find new copies of Battlefield 4 for anywhere between $25 to $40 depending on the platform, each of the expansion packs also costs $14.99 to download.

The Battlefield 4 Premium Edition will retail for $60 (the PS3 version will cost slightly less) so ultimately you are saving money compared to buying each expansion individually, which normally would have cost you over $75.

The Battlefield 4 Premium Edition will be available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC but will not be available for Xbox 360 due to “technical limitations” according to EA.

Battlefield 4 originally released last October and November. It got decent review scores from critics but scored a lot higher on next-gen consoles due to its clearly superior graphical capabilities and overall performance.

If you don’t already have Battlefield 4 and are in the market for the Premium Edition, you might be debating whether or not to save a few bucks by picking up the PS3 version.

Based off previous review scores, it’s definitely worth spending the extra money for the next-gen version if you can.