Assassin’s Creed Unity: Crouching Took 6 Million Rewritten Lines of Code

We know that Ubisoft is working really hard to ensure that they don’t have to go back on their promises to give us the best Assassin’s Creed game ever in the form of Assassin’s Creed Unity.

One evidence of that is how much effort they are putting into things that we would otherwise consider as a cool feature among many cool features: crouching.

The creative director for the title, Alex Amancio recently stated that this element of stealth had forced them to rewrite as many as six million lines of code in the game, completely reworking the navigational system:

We rewrote like 6 million lines of code for this. It’s not a joke. Our navigation seems very simple and very accessible, but to do this, it means that the system is calculating, before you’re actually moving, where the possibilities of where you’re actually going to go. And this is why a lot of people, from previous games, they felt like, ‘I didn’t want to go there and got detected.’ We’re trying to favor flow. We don’t have a vehicle like Grand Theft Auto, a car and then a character – the assassin does both.

This is why they needed to favor the flow while navigating the city with the character. Now that is where the problem came in that required such an extensive reworking of the code in order to introduce stealth (refined form) to Assassin’s Creed Unity.

Every time Arno is trying to crouch and be stealthy, the system, in its default form, is favoring the opposite i.e. flow and speed. So adding the stealth mode has actually changed how the navigation system works overall.

Assassin’s Creed Unity is being developed for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is slated for a release in North America on November 11, in the PAL region on November 13 and in Japan on December 4.