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Alien: Isolation Archive Logs Locations ‘Voice of Sevastopol’ Guide

While on her journey to find her missing mother; Ellen Ripley, Amanda will come across several CRT terminals and Audio Tapes. These computer terminals are used to perform several actions like turning on the power or getting security codes to open up otherwise inaccessible areas.

In addition to this, these terminals also contains Archive Logs of different characters which provide a deeper understanding of the game’s events and often share clues as to what Amanda needs to do in order to progress further.

The Audio Tapes also perform a similar function, but in the form of Audio Logs.

Alien: Isolation Archive Logs Locations

There is a total of one-fifty-one Archive Logs scattered throughout the world [eighteen missions] of Alien: Isolation. You need to read a hundred of these Archive Logs to unlock ‘Voice of Sevastopol’ Achievement/Trophy.

Lastly, do note that one CRT terminal often contains more than two Archive Logs. In this guide, I’m going to share the locations of every CRT terminal and Audio Tape scattered throughout the eighteen chapters of the game.

Chapter #1 – Closing the Book

001 Just Missed You
Location: This is located in the same area where Ripley gets dressed.

002 RE: Nostromo Incident, 003 Torrens Manifest
Location: In the area where you speak to Taylor, look to the small room on your side to find these in a CRT terminal.

Chapter #2 – Welcome to Sevastopol

004 Decommissioning
Location: After coming out of the air duct for the first time, you will come across this CRT terminal right next to a narrow passage leading forward.

005 Moved Our Stash, 006 Goodbye from Seegson, 007 Kill the Power
Location: In a large area, you will come across two separate stairways leading to a closed shutter. You will need to restore the power in order to open up this shutter. Go inside the terminal opposite to the shutter and access the CRT terminal.

008 Terminal Riot
Location: After restoring the power and opening up the shutter, you will come across a room [it looks like a kitchen]. In this room, you will come across Save Point with an Audio Tape located opposite of it.

009 Pulling the Plug, 010 To All Spaceflight Employees, 011 What Is Apollo?
Location: This is located in the same room from where you received 008 Terminal Riot.

012 Last Power Coupling
Location: This is located right in front of the large door which requires a Maintenance Jack to open up. You will see several bagged bodies on the ground near this Audio Tape.

013 Another Break-In
Location: While finding the Maintenance Jack, you will come across a room with loads of monitors. Inside this room is another Audio Tape.

014 Dead Soldiers
Location: This Audio Tape is located right next to the dead body from where you received the Maintenance Jack to open up the main door.

015 Interview: Heyst
Location: After acquiring the Maintenance Jack, go back to the main alleyway and you will come across another room requiring Maintenance Jack to open. Head inside this room and you will see the Audio Tape on a desk.

016 A Blind Eye, 017 Two-Man Rule, 018 Inventory

Location: After meeting up with Alex and while heading to the Transit Station, you will have to evade a couple of enemies. While on your way to the Transit Station, check your map for a narrow U-shaped corridor. In the bottom-right corner of this U-shaped corridor, you will find the CRT terminal.

Chapter #3

019 Leave Work Now
Location: You need to travel to the room with a large satellite dish suspended in the center. Get to the middle of the area and play the Audio Tape to find this Archive Log.

020 Empty Box
Location: After the alarm goes off and red lights start blipping, head inside the System Monitoring area followed by heading inside the room on the right side to find the Audio Tape sitting on a desk.

021 Archives, 022 An Outpost of Progress
Location: After getting the Security Access Tuner, head inside the Tech Workshop. Inside the room, you will find a CRT terminal with these two Archive Logs.

Chapter #4

Chapter #5

Chapter #6

Chapter #7

Chapter #8

Chapter #10

Chapter #11

Chapter #12

Chapter #13

Do note that there aren’t any Archive Logs in chapters after Chapter #13.

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