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Advanced Warfare’s Resolution, Length, Hints for Content Shared by Developers

Well, this is probably the third story that I am writing about Call of Duty Advanced Warfare today but what can I say, things keep pouring on me about it these days – especially since we are this close to the release date.

So recently, Sledgehammer Games’ co-founders Michael Condrey and Glen Schofield were interviewed recently and I figured it is always good to pick up anything new that they could tell so I check it out.

The first thing that hit my mind was the question about the length of the campaign mode of the game, since they haven’t given any solid statement on that yet apart from suggesting it will be longer than the previous titles. Schofield was asked about the same but interestingly, he evaded giving a direct answer saying things like:

People talk about five or six-hour campaigns, and then I’ll talk to other people who’ve played it, and they’ll say oh, it took me eight to ten hours.

He did say that they don’t want to make a tiny game. Looking as how the previous games in the series have been averaging around six to seven hours and their remarks about it, I think the campaign should be at around seven to eight hours.

The second question that held my attention was regarding the resolution, of Advanced Warfare. As expected, both the co-founders didn’t put a finger on a specific figure but reiterated that it will be greater than Ghosts’ resolution.

However, Schofield dropped a line saying that for designing a game, every new generation is really exciting for the developers but that he was usually let down in the start.

Moving on, they were asked if we could get any of the good old survival horror touches to a mission. Their answer was not only a good tiding but it also hinted at some of the content. Like it is in horror TV shows you should expect some curveballs to be thrown at you that could make you go ‘what?!’

Then, they mentioned things like ‘big war,’ ‘small war,’ and electronic war. So there is that.

In a response to one question about the ‘No Russian’ mission from MW2, they said that:

I would describe it that ‘No Russian’ was done by a team before us, at a time before us. It’s not what we aspire to. But as fans of emotional, impactful moments, like the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones – those are great story moments.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is being released internationally on November 4 and in Japan on November 13.