Vertiginous Golf Adds Multiplayer, Half Off On Steam

Arcade title Vertiginous Golf, currently on Steam through Early Access, has updated its build to include some multiplayer action. Any self-respecting arcade golf game needs a way to throw down against some friends.

There will be three modes that can be chosen in the game with up to 8 players going at it at once. Classic mode is pretty much the normal version of Vertiginous Golf, except it’s possible to include weapons and turns are taken simultaneously as well.

In Arena mode, golf courses turn into control zones, much like shooters have that sort of domination gameplay.

By sinking a certain hole, it becomes your territory, which has to be defended from other players trying to seize it. Colored eggs are spread across a track that can grants attacks to keep enemies at bay.

Race mode makes golf a timed thing, where players are trying to get to the hole as quickly as possible. It’s also possible to have weapons in this mode, though they can be turned off for a pure racing feel.

Vertiginous Golf is set in some Victorian, steampunk fantasy land. Courses are laid out with ornate tapestries and filled with ramps, twirling platforms and even tornadoes.

It definitely makes us want to go back to Kirby’s Dream Course for a round or two.

Thanks to the important multiplayer update, Vertiginous Golf is currently available for a 50% discount until October 13, 2014. That means that you can technically get a copy and another one for a friend for the price of one.