Super Smash Bros Is Sold Out In Japan

To no one’s surprise Super Smash Bros is Sold out in Japan. The game was launched last month and has since been a huge success for Nintendo. In its first, second and third week the game sold 944,644, 321,363 and 109,811 units respectively.

Though the sales numbers are going down every week but according to Media Create that is because of shortages and said that the game could have sold even more units if that wasn’t the case.

The Japanese sales tracker Media revealed that the game has sold 1.37 million copies in total.

With the Wii U version of the game nearly here, Smash sales are expected to go through the roof in all regions.

Speaking of regions, Smash is now on sale in North America and Europe, and if these sales figures are any indication, Nintendo’s flagship title will surely be one of the top selling games worldwide. So, the next couple of weeks we will be keeping a close eye on it and will let you know how the game performed in other regions. If you have something to share let us know in the comments below!

Source: Media Create