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Ryse Son of Rome PC Version’s VRAM Requirement Clarified by Crytek

Ryse might not have traded as nicely as Microsoft wanted on Xbox One, however, Ryse Son of Rome PC version is garnering a lot of audience

Nicolas Schulz is the principal rendering engineer at Crytek Frankfurt studio, and he recently answered a boatload of questions regarding the upcoming PC iteration of their game.

One of the more important things he did was to clarify the issue with the game’s VRAM requirements. When the system requirements were shared by Crytek for Ryse Son of Rome PC version, they stated that the recommended VRAM was as high as 4GB, Marcel Hatam also stated that this was recommended for 4K resolutions.

Many of the fans were confused about the kind of GPU they should actually have in order to play the game well. here’s what Schulz said to clarify the issue:

That depends a lot on what framerate you want to achieve. For 60 FPS you will definitely need a high-end GPU. For 30 FPS our recommended GPU configurations will be sufficient. Regarding VRAM, we adjust our texture pool based on the available graphics memory. While the maximum pool size is used with 3 GB of VRAM, 2 GB are enough to achieve great quality. Below that, we have to downscale some of the heavy textures a bit.

So this means you are not supposed to actually have a 4GB VRAM to really have a great quality of visuals, even half of that will be fine. However, if you would want to check out the recommended and minimum system requirements for the title, go here.

Ryse Son of Rome PC version is slated to hit the racks in only three days’ time i.e. October 10, 2014.