Project Spark is Now Live on Xbox One, PC for Free; Trailer Inside

Apart from the interesting fact that Team Dakota choose to make a trailer to detail what we can get from the Project Spark when we pay for it; I am thoroughly excited for to see that Microsoft’s eye catching game creator title is finally out.

You can get it on Xbox One or PC right away, the price: nada! However, the free copy is only a digital download.

There is a boxed version of the game too; a Starter Pack that gets you a handful of other things to play around with once you are in the game world.

For instance, you get Champions Quest: Void Storm Adventure, 1 Month of Project Spark Premium membership that lets you earn credits at a doubled speed, Sir Haakon the Knight playable champion, First Contact Sci-Fi theme pack, Yeti’s Rage content pack, Arctic Glaciers winter landscape and Massive World Builder Pack expansion.

The Starter Pack has been priced at $40. Whether you are using a keyboard and mouse to control it, a touch screen or the Xbox One controller, the developers say that it is going to give you the complete experience.

It is a pretty cool way of wasting tons and tons of your hours, and I am sure you would want to give it a try.