Official Nintendo Magazine Will Close Both Publication And Site

Official Nintendo Magazine will close down. Closure will affect both the printed copies, as well as the site itself.

Its final issue will be number 114, which will become available on October 14. Official Nintendo Magazine has been in operation since 2002.

You’ll still be able to visit the site a bit after that, but it will eventually shut down as well on November 11, 2014.

Those subscribed to the booklets can cancel their agreement. Should this not be done before October 17, a transfer will be made to Gamesmaster magazine instead.

A reason for the closure is likely due to owner Future Publishing’s recent restructuring plans. Future CEO, Zillah Byng-Maddick, has been driving some aggressive plans that have already shuttered multiple publications.

In the plans, it mentioned that 170 people in the UK would lose their job, as the company tries to “simplify” its approach. Sites like CVG were cut down to size and rumored to close.

Previously, Official Xbox and Official Playstation were also pointed towards for this brutal method of efficuency. It’s not exactly optimistic to work for the company right now.

And yet, Future also created new outlets. Earlier this year, Kotaku opened up a UK branch, just shortly before the news of redundancies hit.

Staff affected by the Official Nintendo Magazine exit is said to be put to use elsewhere in the Future network. The magazine had been under Future since 2006.

Nintendo will continue to inform people through Nintendo Direct, its own system that’s also available straight through its consoles.