This Dragon Age Inquisition Gameplay Video is Apparently at Maximum PC Settings

Even after BioWare has literally gone bonkers over releasing new content relating to their upcoming RPG, it seems like we still have a lot to see in the game – talk about intelligent marketing.

For the very same reason I think you should check out the video above that takes you up close and personal with yet another new area in the game.

Uploaded by a YouTuber who got a shot at the game thanks to the publisher, the video shows the PC version of the game running at maxed settings. However, the build is still using an Xbox interface.

It says in the description of the said Dragon Age Inquisition gameplay video that the uploader isn’t really an RPG fan but he was still called to EA for the playable demo. He says the game is great.

Also, it is nice to see that EA is showing the game to people who aren’t customary to RPGs in an attempt to broaden the target audience and hopefully boost the sales of the game.

Check out the Dragon Age Inquisition gameplay video above, it runs for a satiation nine minutes which means you will have fun seeing how beautiful the world is. Once you have done that, come back down here and let us know what you make of it.