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NBA 2K15 Facial Scan Tips To Scan Your Face Perfectly Into Game

One of the coolest features that comes with 2K Sports’ NBA 2K15 is the ability to scan your face and be the player! If you’re playing the game on a Playstation 4, you can use the Playstation Camera to scan your face. For the Xbox One players, Kinect is mandatory for this functionality.

Since the North American launch of the game, a minority was facing difficulties in getting their face properly scanned. This is where 2K Sports & this guide comes to your aid with step-by-step instructions on how get your face properly scanned:

First off, make sure that you’re inside a well-lit room with equal amount of light getting poured from all directions. Having equal intensity of light from all directions is important to receive an accurate in-game skin-tone. It’s advised that you remove things like headgear, shades, bandanas, etc.

Once you’re set, turn your head 30 degrees left/right while keeping the camera and level field steady. Furthermore, make sure that the face resides inside the green box at all times.

Other recommended things are shaving, neutral facial expressions (no smiles or any other facial expressions), opened eyes, and keeping eyes peeled on the Kinect/PS-Camera.

Once the scanning is complete, go to the Customization Menu and make changes as per your preferences. You can change things like beard, moustache, and eye colour.

You can also check out the instructional image provided by 2K Sports for more information!

Thanks: Imgur