Here’s How P.T Looks in Minecraft PS4 Version

Minecraft PS4 version was released a month ago on September 4, if you still haven’t tired it out, this video will give you a bit of a taste. Also, it will show you how P.T looks in it.

Someone has gone on to show the love for Silent Hills by recreating the P.T demo that was originally released to the PlayStation 4 users before the latest installment in the series got announced.

As you can see in the video above, it shows you just the beginning of the real demo, but it has almost all the elements that you saw in the real P.T demo.

You can check it out and decide what you think about it but quite a lot of people have taken up a discussion after this video was shared.

There are people calling it really tense and then there are others who say that this is a pure example of how the Minecraft PS4 version shows consoles are limited and that PC is the place to be for Minecraft.

Yet again there are some non-Minecraft fans who think that the video is of no good, not being a Minecraft fan, which is what you would expect them to say right?

However, do share your opinion about the video as well as the Minecraft PS4 version of the game in the comments section below.