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Diablo 3 Patch 2.1.0 on PS4 Adds The Vault, Find Legendary Gems

A relatively large patch for Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition was released on PlayStation 4 today.

The 2.1.0 patch is free to download (as patches usually are) and adds a plethora of new content to the game which should keep it feeling fresh for even the most veteran players.

One cool change is the addition of a realm known as “The Vault.” Whenever players kill a Treasure Goblin, there’s now a chance, they will spawn a portal upon their death leading to this realm.

Some top-tier treasures, including new Legendary Gems, can be found within The Vault, but of course it is not without its perils as there is also a powerful new boss lurking within named Baroness Greed.

A new type of timed Nephalem Rift called Greater Rifts have been added to the game. They are accessed via Greater Rift Keys, which can be dropped by slain Rift Guardians.

Greater Rifts have an infinite amount of levels, each more difficult than the last. The objective is to kill a certain amount of enemies as fast as you can to summon a Rift Guardian and slay him.

Monsters don’t actually drop any loot here so you can stay focused on killing groups of enemies as quickly as possible.

If you are able to summon and kill the Rift Guardian before the timer runs out, you then have the choice to move up to the next level of the Greater Rift, or you can level up one of your Legendary Gems (more on those later).

Greater Rifts should provide a good challenge to even grizzled Diablo 3 players. Potential new dungeons called The Cesspools were also added to both the Nephalem Rifts and Greater Rifts.

A new randomly dropped legendary item called Ramaladni’s Gift was added, which can be consumed to add a socket to any weapon that doesn’t already have one. This is actually extremely useful for those times you find a weapon that otherwise would have been awesome if not for the fact its lacking in a socket.

Later in the game sockets become very important. A Flawless Royal Ruby, for example, can add a tremendous +270 damage to a weapon.

Speaking of socketing gems, new “Legendary Gems” were added to the game with the 2.1.0 patch as well. These gems are only dropped in the Greater Rifts and The Vault and give powerful bonuses when socketed into a ring or amulet.

Legendary Gems can be leveled up by defeating Greater Rift Guardians and will provide increasing bonuses with each level as well as a nice secondary buff at level 25.

For example, Bane of the Trapped is a new Legendary Gem that increase damage against enemies under control-impairing effects by 15% when socketed.

Each upgrade adds an additional +0.3% damage and at level 25, the gem also gives you an aura that reduces the movement speed of enemies within 15 yards by 30%. Pretty good for one gem! There are currently 14 different types of Legendary Gems available.

The patch is currently only available on PS4 but an Xbox One version is “just around the corner” according to Blizzard.