Destiny’s Vault of Glass Defeated By 3 Guardians

Destiny players know that the game so far only has one raid known as the Vault of Glass. The is located on Venus and was made available last month.

On the normal difficulty, the raid requires six players with a level of 26 or above. However, a 12 member clan known as The Legend Himself managed to beat the Vault of Glass with only three players.

Even with six guardians this raid feels like a hefty challenge, doing it with just 3? Is really impressive. That’s not all, The Legend Himself managed to take down Vault of Glass in an hour.

They used some pretty tight play and Sun Singer’s resurrect was an integral part of their success in this raid. You can take a look at the video evidence of their impressive achievement above.

In will be interesting to see them try it again on other difficulty levels as well. So far, the best-known time of beating the Vault of Glass is 37 minutes and if this team can do it in an hour with three players, do you think they will be able to beat that 37-minute mark with six guardians?

Destiny is now available on PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360.