Broforce Adds New Missions, Bros And Steam Workshop

Run and gun game Broforce, currently on Steam through Early Access, has issued an update for October that adds several new items. As usual, this comes with new characters, themed after certain action heroes from popular media.

One character is called Bro Max and takes after Mad Max, complete with boomerang, because it’s an Australian setting and you can’t ethically throw koalas around. Additionally, the character inspired by Mel Gibson will use a flame thrower.

Kill Bill will also be used as a reference to create The Brode, a character in a yellow tracksuit that swings a katana. This is one of the few melee characters of the game.

Moreover, Broforce expands campaign missions that take to Eastern European for the update. A new enemy, the Bazooka Mook, is another part of the additions.

Most importantly, Broforce will now fully support Steam Workshop. This means that created levels can simply be shared with the community.

With the update, the level editor gets a bit of a tweak. There’s an automated .gif generator for levels, but triggers are added as well, along with character commands and the integration of all the Expendabros content.

Creating levels works with a rather simple drag and drop design that should make for an influx of new content in the game. Players can simply head to the Steam Workshop tab and subscribe to the stages to play them.

Online players can find an improved lobby, as well as several game modes: World Map, Explosion Run, Race Mode and Custom Campaigns.

If you’re thinking of picking up Broforce, we advise doing so through the Humble Store.